A Summary of Shooting Sports

Who is in shooting sports: Kids in general; Adults can help their kids but can't really be in 4-H shooting sports. Our adult coaches that supervise the kids have gone though a background check and certification in the subject they are teaching related to shooting sports.

What do we do: We teach the kids safety around firearms and bows (recurve and compound bows mainly); how to use them in a safe way and best of all we shoot them at targets. We shoot .22 Rifles and pistols; sometimes higher caliber guns but not normally. We also shoot shotguns at a different location on Sundays.

When do we shoot: We shoot bows and shotgun on 2nd Sunday of the month.  We shoot  rifles and pistols on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Where do we shoot: We shoot rifle and pistol at Chandler's gun shop and shooting ranges and bows and shotguns at the Waco Skeet and Trap Club. There are tournaments at different places around town and out of town. We often go to them.

Why do we do this: We do this because we think it is fun and safe. It can help people learn gun safety and proper use of guns. Shooting sports can have many good thing in the future for you to do like hunting, teaching other people safety around firearms and safety for yourself when needed.

I like shooting sports because I like guns and stuff like that. It is a good place to make new friends and learn new stuff in a fun and entertaining way.



***CANCELED*** Shotgun, Archery practices and the monthly meeting have been canceled May 13 in observance of Mothers Day.

Rifle season has concluded with the district championship held April 28th. CONGRATULATIONS! to our first, third and fourth place finishers!!

RIFLE practices are scheduled to resume at the start of the next 4H year beginning August 19th 2018.

SHOTGUN and ARCHERY practices at Waco Trap and Skeet Club are scheduled for the second Sunday of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  followed by the monthly club meeting in the Waco Trap and Skeet Clubhouse at 4:00 p.m.

Practices may be canceled due to bad weather or other circumstances. Please check this website or call/text Joel Brown 254-652-3197 for latest information.

You must be a member of McLennan County 4H to participate in practices (observers are welcome). Please sign up on-line through 4H Connect.